This group of professional is exactly what Spartanburg needs!

Daniel Osei

This group of professional is exactly what Spartanburg needs. They are focused on helping small business. I just started my business last month and found it difficult for customer to find my business. I wasn’t listed on Google and has zero digital footprint. I searched google and found the new center and ask for assistance. They immediately went to work and got a domain for my business, came out and took photos and registered my business with Google Business Listing. They also discovered that my business phone had no voicemail and I was losing customer calls. They corrected and created a facebook local page for my business and showed me how to advertise on facebook. In addition they downloaded the Facebook page manager and the Google Business application to my phone and showed me how to use it. This all happen in less than 3 days. I was proud to be their first business member and look forward to my next step of developing a website and getting training to grow my business.

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