Congratulation to Margaret Fullenwinder establishing JT Outreach Inc

Written by on May 18, 2017

May 18, 2017- Spartanburg, SC – Margaret Fullenwinder, owner of JT Connection Staffing and Recruiting has incorporated JT Outreach Inc on May 2, 2017 to work with employees with criminal records. The new not-for-profit organization will assist employers in Bridging The Gap in hiring employees with criminal records and low credit scores. In addition to providing employer sponsored skills training to prepare program employees with the necessary tools to obtain employment. Our not-for-profit training program will assist Mrs. Fullenwinder in developing the best strategy and objectives that will increase support of potential employers, while provided needed services for the community.

I believe if we bring employer stakeholders on- board from the beginning and build an organizational strategy that empowers both the companies and the employee, we will have a winner. Margaret Fullenwinder, Founder


JT Connections Staffing and Recruiting LLC is a participant of the Palmetto Leadership Institute ” Minority Empowerment Program” and is a not-for-profit member of the E-Vision Business Center LP

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