Concept Park

Open Environment Meeting Place

Create, Promote, Engage and Organize All in one rental

AXIS M20 In Action

Live Streaming to Facebook and Youtube    +$150

Local Video Recording of Event         $99.99 per hour
Video Editing $79.99 per hour
Custom Background and Branding of Event $99.99 per hour
Video Tech (Included) 1 Hour (additional hours $49 per hour)
Members Discount 25%

Audio Equipment Rental $25 per hour
Audio Tech $25 per hour
Custom Audio (Subject to Request)

Event Photography (Includes 20 photos) $99.00
Chromakey Photography (Includes 2 Photos) $99.00
Graphic Design (Custom Background) $49.99
Additional Photography request (subject to request)

TV Display Rental $25 per hour
Tech Nerd $25 per hour

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